Recognized by President Obama and The White House

as one of the top young (under 30) entrepreneurs in the United States, Jake Sasseville continues to make indelible marks in culture serving as television host, producer, speaker, author and music entrepreneur. 

Born to French Canadian and Native American parents in Lewiston, Maine, Jake started out as a touring teenage magician at age 14 to earn income. He was scouted by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2001. He moved to France by himself at age 15 to further his education. His younger brother died a year later following a long struggle with leukemia, setting Jake’s life on a course of service to others.


At 21, Jake became the youngest late night TV star in broadcast history when The Edge with Jake Sasseville (2007-2008) launched afterJimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC.


At 23, he starred in and produced his second late night talk show, Late Night Republic starring Jake Sasseville (2009-2011), which ran for two years on Fox and CW television stations.


Delusions of Grandeur (2012-2013), Sasseville’s loosely scripted sitcom based on his life which he produced, co-wrote, co-directed and starred was initially contracted by ABC Family in 2012. After being cancelled abruptly by the Disney-network, Delusions became a web-series, jumping to 250,000 viewers an episode.


By his mid-20s, Jake had studied with the world’s leading influencers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and scientists and became focused on sharing his insights of science, sales, spirituality, metaphysics, entrepreneurship and marketing with audiences worldwide. He’s spent his personal and professional life on the front lines, breaking down cultural and business barriers and encouraging others to see themselves as global citizens here to serve one another.


In addition to TV, Jake co-founded and executive produces music tours, featuring acts such as J. Cole, One Republic, Kanye West, Fabolousand Guster. His first book, Slightly Famous, was published in 2012. He’s appeared on Chelsea Lately, NPR, Z100, Fox, ABC News, NBC and has written for Huffington Post and Elite Daily. Additionally, he has been spokesperson for or endorsed, Denny’s, State Farm,Southwest Airlines, Ford Motor Company, Invisalign and Coca-Cola.


An electric and inspirational speaker, Jake’s most popular presentations are centered around the nuances of “success” and “failure” (and how to get more out of both), how to cultivate a DIY lifestyle that serves you and the world. He discusses how being the CEO of your own life (even if you’re not an entrepreneur) can make your life more meaningful, how to overcome fears and doubt, how to build wealth and rapport as well as the keys of sales, influence and persuasive communication.


Jake’s inter-generational appeal has been sought out by television and advertising conferences (NATPE, Doner Advertising, yPulse Convention), to United Nations events (World Food Program and FORGE).

He’s spoken at over 100 colleges in 80 cities to 100,000 college students around the world, including The David Letterman Lecture Series 


University of Denver, University of Florida and he has guest taught at Yale and Columbia. He’s keynoted at non-profit organizations (Bono’s ONE, RED, Public Relations Society of America, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital). His personal network transcends all industries — from the front lines of  tech, media, self-help, advertising, finance, Hollywood and philanthropy — and he regularly brings his learnings and information back to the audiences he speaks with.


Jake lives on Maui, out on the edge of the crater, right by Oprah. He imagines his dog will be named Plato.

Watch Jake at the The David Letterman Lecture Series



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  • Testimonials_Rainn-Wilson-215x325

    Rainn Wilson, Emmy Nominated Star

    NBC's THE OFFICE and Co-Founder of Soul Pancake

    “Jake is fun to work with. When you meet him, you know there’s something different. He’s like a glass of cold water after a day of hard, hard labor. I think he’s brilliant and a shining example of talent meeting persistence.”

  • Testimonials_Wyclef-Jean1-215x325

    Wyclef Jean, Grammy Nominated Musician

    Founder, Yele Foundation

    “Jake has got some ‘Alexander the Great’ shit going on.” He conquered the world at Jake’s age. Jake’s picking up where he left off.”

  • Testimonials_Roseanne-Barr1-215x325

    Roseanne Barr, Emmy Winning Star

    Producer of Roseanne (ABC)

    “I love how Jake is sticking it to everyone who says “NO” to him. He does it with class and grace. I believe people are going to be watching him for a very, very long time.”

  • Testimonials_Stewart-Bailey1-215x325

    Stewart Bailey, Executive Producer

    Showtime Networks, Spike TV, HBO, MTV

    “Jake Sasseville is a rare hybrid in media: an engaging, irreverent and entertaining host and presenter and an insanely intelligent pioneer in the business.”

  • Testimonials_Brenton-Gieser1-215x325

    Brenton Gieser, VP Business Development

    “Jake is unrelenting in both his pace and his wisdom.”

  • Testimonials_Ahmad-Elkady1-215x325

    Ahmad Elkady, President Student Government

    University of New England

    “Jake taught us the power of being authentically ourselves …We learned that you can be impactful and shift history by shifting ourselves and that standing out is an asset, not a liability. Jake taught us ways to tap into our own ambitions and determinations and make real what we dreamed of.”

  • Testimonials_Phil-Tau1-215x325

    Phillip Tau, Student

    University of Texas

    “We asked Jake to come and speak to us about the power of the individual. His approach was entertaining and unorthodox. Any philosophical fluff was made meaningful by his raw and uncensored account of his own journey, and tools for ours. His empathy for human beings is palpable.”

  • Testimonials_Yvette-Noel-Schure-215x325

    Yvette Noel-Schure, Publicist

    to Beyonce, Prince, Adele, Will Smith, John Mayer

    “Jake Sasseville is a master story-teller and healer. His light is so bright that he burns a scar on you.”

  • Testimonials_Nicole-Sexton1-215x325

    Nicole Sexton, Executive Director

    FEED, ONE and RNC

    “Jake was quite a presence at ONE. His inspiring story of triumph over tragedy left our students knowing ONE person truly can make a difference, as Jake is doing.”

  • Testimonials_Joe-Habrake-215x325

    Joe Habraken, Chair, Business and Communications

    University of New England

    “We loved that Jake spoke at UNE! Our Business and Communication students were really thrilled by the visit. Highly recommend this young man to any chair of any business, marketing or communications dept. We’ll be interested in setting up a bigger event with Jake in the near future.”

  • Testimonials_Adam-Barr1-215x325

    Adam Barr, Executive Producer

    Will and Grace, Desperate Housewives, The Old Adventures of New Christine

    “I’ve met very few people with the tenacity equal to the ability to entertain an audience like Jake Sasseville. He’s a humanitarian at heart… the gee-whiz good humor of Ellen DeGeneres and the wild energy of Graham Norton.”

  • Testimonials_Michael-Simmons1-215x325

    Michael Simmons, CEO and Founder


    “Jake Sasseville is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen – he connects with, entertains and inspires people of all ages. His riveting story of starting out in small town Maine to transforming late night television by his 21st birthday is relevant and entertaining. I look forward to booking Jake more …”

  • Testimonials_Stormy-Simon1-215x325

    Stormy Simon, Co-President

    “Jake’s a machine. He came to us offering every dorm room in America. We were cautiously optimistic. Jake has become an inspiration to us all. He’s right there speaking to 20-30/yo and doing it in a way that’s never been done before. He pushes himself, and others around him. He’s showing us all how to make our wildest dreams come true.”

  • Testimonials_Joshua-Fischer-215x325

    Joshua Fischer, Student

    University of Denver

    “Jake is hilarious and insightful. He has a very clever way of tying humor into his lessons and takeaways while being genuine and still inspirational. The story of his life and career… hardships, love, business and loss was so engaging for a college senior who was about to hit the real world.”

  • Testimonials_Roger-Lavery1-215x325

    Dr. Roger Lavery, Dean

    Ball State University

    “Like no other…” is the best way to describe the David Letterman Lecture Series with Jake Sasseville. He was informative, inspiring and I’m certain Jake changed many young lives with his interactive presentation.”

  • Testimonials_Susie-Pearl1-215x325

    Susie Pearl, Best-Selling Author

    Writer & MTV Europe Executive

    “Jake gives you that tingling sense when you watch him of what would happen in your life if you believed anything is possible, as he clearly does.”

  • Testimonials_Bonnie-Jean-Adam-215x325

    Bonnie J. Adams, Professor

    Loyola University

    “Reactions to people like Jake Sasseville are the same — you either love him or hate him. For the underdog, the dreamer, those with ideas and ambition, meeting Jake will make you realize that your bark can be heard… He doesn’t ever refer to himself as knowing what he’s doing, or having the answers.”

  • Testimonials_Austin-Hurst-215x325

    Austin Hurst, Managing General Partner

    Hurst Capital

    “Jake has an impromptu and flexible style that endears an audience. His skill at working a large crowd while still moving the event forward as master of ceremonies is unmatched. He has the confidence, poise and power that any event planner needs to be able to bank on.”

  • Testimonials_Adib-Birkland1-215x325

    Dr. Adib Birkland, Professor

    City College of New York

    “Jake’s brutal honesty about the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship and marketing distinguishes him from other speakers we’ve had at the college. My students got truth. It wasn’t false humility or self-derogation, but points that Jake made were funny and raw and clear.”

  • Testimonials_Suzanne-Stromberg1-215x325

    Suzanne F. Stromberg, Professor

    University of Colorado

    “Jake is quite a phenomenon — it was a pleasure for all of our students and faculty to hear how the mind of a guy that just won’t take NO thinks. He shares wisdom and insight well beyond his years (and mine!) and has the energy to grab an audience and keep them. A magical combination for any event…”