Andrena Hale

Andrena Hale Was A Music Exec Under Puffy In The 90s; Now, A Successful TV Producer

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Andrena Hale was the youngest director’s rep in the history of the music business under Puffy in the 90s. She worked at Bad Boy before transitioning into television as a successful producer and creator.

The credits are exhaustive, but beyond the TV credits, there’s a soulful hustle and giant heart that Andrena shares with the world. She tells how she’s made in a business that’s lethal for most human beings, let alone a black woman from Detroit.

As she says at the end, “I’m 47 and I believe in finding soul a mate, and I don’t believe God puts a desire in your heart without it being possible to achieve it.”

Thank you Andrena. Enjoy the show everybody.

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