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Anthony David Adams On Summit Series,, Credit Covers, Life After Transcending A Bipolar Diagnosis And Jumping Off The Golden Gate Bridge

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Anthony David Adams is a serial entrepreneur and inventor who has dealt with mental illness diagnoses and found spiritual solutions. His epiphany came when he nearly jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Twice. He talks about the experience in bold and revealing detail.

As the founding member of Summit Series, co-founder of and Credit Covers (skins for your credit cards) and Editor in Chief of the Time Magazine top 25 blog, Anthony is no underachiever. In his 30s, he’s more honest and raw about his life than ever before.

Currently, you can find Anthony in the boardrooms of corporate America coaching leaders on Intimacy in the workplace, something he feels particularly passionate about. He discusses with us ego sacrifice and being a good lover, his journey in transcending his psychotic mania and Bipolar 1, medication and ultimately the spiritual solutions that were available to him.

According to Anthony, “life is a spiritual discipline, you can feel your emotions and be grateful for them, too.”

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