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Beyonce & Alistair: A Dance Entrepreneur Takes Formation With The Bey-hive, A Preaching Mom, Coming Out (Twice) And Wild Stories

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Beyonce & Alistair: Alistair Williams, executive director of Broadway Bodies in NYC, made national headlines for being the first dance studio in the country to break down Beyonce’s “Formation” for his classes which are sold out.

But his story goes much deeper than the Bey-hive or Broadway Bodies.

A former administrator at Rutgers University, a once closeted Alistair grew up with a single mom who, for most of his childhood, was either in seminary or preaching Sunday service around Newark, New Jersey.

He came out of the closet (twice) and not only lives to tell about it, but shares insights and stories and anecdotes that are as hilarious as they are relevant to gay or straight people who are interested in growth, spirituality, personal development and being bold.

Inspiring story.

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