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Bryan Franklin, Author Of The Last Safe Investment, In His Most Candid Interview Ever.

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O-M-G. Persuasion engineer & billionaire minded biz coach Bryan Franklin does our show as one of the first shows to talk about his new book with co-author Michael Ellsberg: The Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever.

For Gen Y who see their parents and grandparents as “f*cked” (FACD – Financial Advice Commonly Delivered – in Bryan’s book), this is a step by step plan how to carve out wealth, live a bigger and much more fulfilling life and build an incredible community in the process.

“This book could only be written after the crash of 2008. Because people wouldn’t have been open to this radical new way of building wealth before then.” – Bryan Franklin

This is Bryan at his best — radically personal, incredibly insightful and the simple terms he speaks about money, wealth, finance and personal development in will activate you. Big time.

Also, he surprised me at the end of the interview offering this: Pre-purchase 10 copies of Bryan’s new book on Amazon, send him the receipt, and you’ll get him one-on-one for an hour to discuss your own personal investment strategy. ($2000+ value)

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