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BTSZD: Intimacy (Into-Me-See), Psychosis, Mental Illness And The Pathway To Spiritual Breakthrough

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In this powerful two-part essay (part 2 is next week), we take a deep dive into the areas of Intimacy, creative relationships, what we can learn from psychosis, the $20 billion anti-psychotic / anti-depressent / anti-ADHD industry and how mental illness could be a path onto higher spiritual awareness.

Accused of being bi-polar for many years by many different business partners and friends and finding that spiritual acceptance and love helped diminish his particular symptoms, this is an issue close to Jake’s heart. We believe it’s not being brought into the light as much as it ought to be, nor is it being celebrated.

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This episode of The Jake Sasseville Show was produced and written by Jake Sasseville and Topher Keene out of Massachusettes. Associate Producer Kodi Seaton in Washington, DC. Special thanks to Anthony David Adams who’s incredible work on intimacy inspires. (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved



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