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Charles Eisenstein x Author Of Sacred Economics x c x Fascinating Interview!

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Charles Eisenstein is the author best known for his revolutionary book: Sacred Economics. He declines most all interviews. Ours he decided to accept. And I’m grateful for it.

He has a new book out, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.

Charles blew my mind. It is the single best explanation of the money system, consumerism, its emptiness and solutions of what to do about it that I’ve ever heard.

We talk about how interest bearing debt breeds the illusion of competition, which causes human beings to strive for power. Scarcity, including world hunger, Charles told me, is artificial.

He taught me about how the “space between stories” allows something new, unexpected and beyond imagination to emerge in life. Really powerful interview with someone that I think will be crucial in the next forty years and beyond.

“Reasons are really rationalizations or justifications,” Charles said, referring to why he was divorced, and chose to get married again.

Jam packed episode, enjoy it.

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