Community Building: Two Dudes With Quite A Story Share How it Led Them To Care About Community

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We are a generation obsessed with building Community. From Summit Series, Airbnb, Coachella to Uber, micro-communities are everywhere — even in our philanthropic work in the US and overseas.

Jacy Cunningham is the Head of Fitness and Movement at Summit Series’ $40 million summit: Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah.

Brett Emmons, a former gambling addict and professional Broadway dancer, is head of internships at an inner-city non-profit that helps refugees and asalym-seekers get used to life in America. He is also a member of the Baha’i Faith and serves his Faith at a regional level.

Both of them have unique perspectives on community and capacity building and both of their perspectives came out of a lot of pain and suffering.

This episode is to help us understand why we crave so much to be apart of communities and what we can be doing to build better and stronger ones where everyone can thrive.

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, , August 22, 2017

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