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Diane Badié is a fashion designer who took a right turn and a few detours after she graduated from New York University with a MPA.

She didn’t go to FIT or have years under a mentor. She’s designed clothes, much like she’s lived her life: on her own terms. Called by Brooklyn Magazine “top 5 women artists to watch” Diane Badié apparel is bold yet wearable.

She’s a sassy, lovable and determined artist and is one of my dearest friends.

I had her on the show because her life is an example to us all that even though our parents may have certain expectations for us, we still get to make the choice of how we want to live our life.

Diane went from a love of sketching design ideas in a notebook to launching several lines since 2012. Her design work is exquisset and she talks about the creative process, collaborating musically with her husband Mike Slott, and how she keeps the pure joy of design from burning out.

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