Dr. Lou Marinoff

Dr. Lou Marinoff x Plato Not Prosaic x Socratic Shrink x Canadian Table Hockey Hero

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I affectionately call Dr. Lou Marinoff my “Socratic Shrink.” He is the author of “Plato not Prosaic” and eight other books, including most recently “The Power of Tao: A Timeless Guide to Happiness and Harmony.”

He’s a real Canadian (Montrealier) live-wire. He’s a world table hockey champ and has theories about eliminating ADHD and bulleying from schools by instituting table hockey tournaments (as has been done in Quebec).

 Twenty years ago, Lou forecasted culturally induced illness and getting in trouble for it among his peers. Now, people call on him as an expert in the area.

 “People have an innate desire to be themselves,” Lou said. “People can’t sleep, eat or wakeup anymore without being medicated. Sometimes what’s wrong with you mentally is that you’re not spending enough time focused on what’s right with you.”

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