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Duncan Trussell Part 1: Life In Comedy, Being Mitzi Shore’s Assistant, On The Road With Joe Rogan

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Duncan Trussell and Joe Rogan saved my life when I was going through the darkest hours. Why? Because they podcasted together on The Joe Rogan Experience and I listened to it every day. Clung to it like a newborn clings to mother’s milk.

Duncan is a legendary standup comedian (The “You Are God Tour” kicks off in April 2016) and his understanding and wisdom of life (Buddhism, Christianity) is far beyond where even practicing believers are. He’s gone through testicular cancer, and talks about coming up in the comedy world (as Mitzi Shore’s driver of all things). Mitzi is the godmother of comedy in Los Angeles, owner of the Comedy Store.

If you like comedy, philosophy and great stories, you’ll love Parts 1 and 2 (second part out on Monday) of my interview with Duncan.

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Get tickets for Duncan’s tour at or hang out with him at the Ram Dass retreat in May —

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