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Episode 100 And Why We Care About Our Roots

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We hit episode 100! To celebrate, we have an episode on why we care about Our Roots.

Six-time Grammy nominated jazz singer Tierney Sutton, Graham Oxman, a Boston Geologist, and Karen Rocco, a talent executive and one of the first employees at Sirius XM radio, give us perspectives on our roots — why we care about them and why they’re important.

Tierney talks about the roots of all music found in jazz, and the importance of discipline meeting spontaneity in creative pursuit.

Graham talks about how humans think their roots are in their familial ancestory, but the story of rocks and geology tell a far different story.

Karen Rocco talks about the roots of funk, Howard Stern and in Sirius XM radio.

Happy 100. Thanks for listening everybody.

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved. This episode produced by CC Hutten.


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