Activist DeRay McKesson

Exclusive: Activist DeRay McKesson Weighs In On Baltimore Arrests With Emma Bracy And Mtali Banda

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Activist DeRay McKesson joins us live from Baltimore to discuss the arrest of six officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

Profoundly Human senior editors Emma Bracy and Mtali Banda, both who have written extensively on race, over-policing and the murders of unarmed black men fill out the panel.

We discuss how to move forward, things the public can do that are not on the ground, how a few hundred days and these arrests doesn’t erase 400 years of oppression. It’s an honest and real conversation among four friends who happen to also work together.

Special edition of The Jake Sasseville Show. Produced by Jake Sasseville, Emma Bracy, Mtali Banda (c) 2015 PROFOUNDLY HUMAN MEDIA. All Rights Reserved


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