Eric Garner Jr.

[Exclusive] Eric Garner Jr. Joins The Clique This Week To Discuss The NBA And Russell Simmons. Also: Royal Court (King James, Queen Bey, Duchess, Prince And Hovah), Tony Robbins, Flirting Tips And More

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On The Clique: 19-year-old Eric Garner Jr. sits down with James, Jake, Kodi, Viv & Topher to talk about his dad’s memory and what he wanted most for his son. Eric Jr. also talks about the work that the NBA and Russell Simmons are doing on this, what is being called America’s modern day civil rights movement.

Also, the panel discusses Queen Bey, King James, The Duchess, The Prince and of course, Hovah in their highly staged Royal Rendezvous in the Republic of Brooklyn this week.


Topher tells us why Tony Robbins sent him an advance copy of his new book “Money: Master the Game” and what we need to learn about financial institutions.

Also included, why the word “because” is the most powerful word in the English language according to one Harvard prof and 5 tips for men looking to flirt better (hint: it has to do with chocolate, celery and dancing).

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