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Gabe Marihugh Lives In A Cabin On Maui And Blows My Mind With Spirituality + Culture

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Sure, Gabe Marihugh lives in a cabin on Maui. And sure, I took a class with him and three other meditators in a garden a couple weeks back.

Truth is: this guy has been asking questions and sitting in inquiry for most of his teenage and adult life and his meditations and workshops are some of the best on the planet for discovering self and place in the universe.

He opens his meditation session with a psuedo-monologue about the Dirty Little Secrets of Culture, how it separates us from our self, and offers solutions in this incredibly poignant episode. Beyond the non-spiritual stuff we banter about, Gabe is one of the best conversationalists I’ve met. [The best part is I don’t think he even realizes it]

So today: Gabe talks being spiritual instead of searching for a spiritual life, what is the optimal way of living alongside cultural influences telling us we’re “less than,” the dirty secrets of culture, including how certainty is addictive and a mis-guided indicator for strong leadership.


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