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Garrett Madison Has Led More Expeditions Up Mount Everest Than Anyone Else In The World.

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Garrett Madison was leading 14 people up Mount Everest when an earthquake shook Nepal in April. That earthquake also caused avalanches that decimated base camp and Garrett’s only forseeable way out. He was at roughly 21,000 feet (almost a 4,000 feet above base camp) when the quake hit.

For the first time since being rescued off of Everest, Garrett Madison tells his story on The Jake Sasseville Show, including how he led 14 people through nearly three days of being stranded on the tallest mountain in the world and the untimely death of his girlfriend Eve, a medic who was stationed at base camp while Garrett and the others climbed to Camp 2.

A tale of survival, leadership, love lost and never — ever — giving up.

No words can describe how grateful I am that Garrett came on The Jake Show.

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