George Kourounis x Storm Chaser

George Kourounis x Storm Chaser x Adventurer x Host Of “Angry Planet”

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George Kourounis is an extreme storm chaser and star of “Angry Planet.”

He tells the story of chasing a 12,500 foot wide tornado (2.5 miles) with swirling winds of 200 MPH, and how he lost his dear friends in the chase. George stopped by the show to talk to us about climate change and chasing extreme weather, and about his recent visit to the coldest continuously inhabited place on the planet.
His show, “Angry Planet” airs Fridays at 10PM on Pivot. Enjoy it, Jake
“You don’t understand life until you understand death. People think I’m fearless. Not true. I acknowledge the fear, and if I have fear, it means to me that I need to take action of some kind.”
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