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Hip Hop Producer Gregory Stutzer x Tyra Banks x Mental Illness And Suicide Of His Best Friend

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Hip-hop Artist + Producer Gregory Stutzer has opened for B.o.B, Wale, DJd for Tyra Banks and corporate clients — but perhaps his most meaningful work is his new single, “Let Go,” out today, about the suicide of his childhood best friend, Mike. 

Greg is half black, half white, born in Tanzania, grew up in Kansas City and speaks to so many of who we are as dreamers, immigrants, artists and creators.
He considers himself an “African kid with a white dad that didn’t know his place, but musically, the tribal melodies and exotic guitar riffs were imprinted on me.”
The “Halfblood prince” moved to Kansas City, Missouri and got involved with crowds he wasn’t proud of. He talks Faith, music, mental illness and the suicide of his best friend.
We debut the single “Let Go” at the end of the episode.
Enjoy the show, thanks as always for listening. Jake
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