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James McCrae (Sh*t Your Ego Says) x Frederick Dodson (Reality Creation) x Jake Sasseville

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James Mccrae, Creator of “Sh*t Your Egy Says” and Frederick Dodson, founder of “Reality Creation” are two of my best friends. I asked them to do an impromptu episode.

We catch up — we haven’t hung out in more than a year together. What follows is odd, insightful, interesting and humorous.

We talk spirituality and marketing, running a startup versus getting one funded, Ego, Presidential Politics and HuffPoLive, straws that break the camels back, best friend relationships that end and plenty of LAUGHS and INSIGHTS.


The Jake Sasseville Show is co-executive produced by Vivienne Kelly and Gregory Stutzer. Associate producers James Mccrae, Kodi Seaton, Topher Keene and Max Mogensen. (c) 2015 Profoundly Human LLC All Rights Reserved.



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