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Jason Zook And The Quest To Sell His Future

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Jason Zook can sell anything — and now he wants to sell his future, to you, starting today.

After working with 2000 brands including professional sports organizations, ad agencies and startups, Jason has sold his last name (three times) to the highest bidder, he crowd-sourced –  through sponsorship – his self-published book to the tune of $75,000 before he wrote a single word and he has created nearly a dozen info-products and generated millions of dollars from all of this activity.

Now he wants you to have his future — he’s selling anything his mind creates from now till the grave — for $1,000.

An alternative serial entrepreneur, Jason’s philosophy is intriguing and can lend itself to the things you’re creating, or wanting to create, in your life right now.

Thank you Jason. Buy My Future launched yesterday.


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, , August 22, 2017

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