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Jessica Butts, Cackling Therapist, On Her New Book, Divorce, Living Life From The Front Seat

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Jessica Butts is a practicing therapist that swears like a sailor. Her new book is: “Live Your Life from the Front Seat.”

She’s one of the rarer breeds of therapists in her approach (screw it, let’s just talk about it) and how she treats her clients (be whoever the hell you are, and rock it out).

Deeper still, she practices therapy using the Meyers-Briggs personality test (“Your circumstances may change throughout life, but your personality doesn’t.”)

I didn’t really get how this worked, so I had to have her on to discuss it. My mind was blown considerably, partly because of her work, but equally because her personality is Adele-cackling / Rosie O’Donnell-joking / Melissa McCarthy-witty.

Fun, very fun. Enjoy.

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