Joe Hawkins Grew Up With The Biggest Rock Band On The Planet — And Then Everything Crashed

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Joe Hawkins’ mom, Carol Hawkins, was convicted of stealing nearly $4 million from U2 Bassist Adam Clayton. She worked for and lived with Adam Clayton for more than 15 years. While Carol been spending time in prison in Ireland, no one from her family has spoken publicly… until today.

Joe, 24 at the time, candidly opens up about his mom and his experience — from growing up alongside one of the biggest rock bands in the world, living in the same home-estate where the famed U2 album “The Joshua Tree” was recorded — to couch surfing after his mom was arrested and convicted of 181 counts of theft, and having to learn even how to open his own bank account.

Intensely private, Joe shared about his privileged childhood, his spiritual nature, two-near-death experiences overdosing on drugs, why he’s still playing music and what he really thinks about his mom. While Joe’s story is incredibly unique, we all can learn from what to do when a world is turned upside down.

This is an incredible episode that took a lot of strength on Joe’s part, and I hope you enjoy.


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