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Jonathan Singletary And The Tale Of A Musician Who First Started Out In Pre-med At Stanford And Biz Dev For Google And Shazam

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Jonathan Singletary is a Morehouse graduate, a Google and Shazam alum, an almost-doctor and now — a full-time musician.

If our 20s is for truly discovering what we’re put on earth for, at least professionally, but also personally, Jonathan has a Ph.D.

Starting out at Morehouse University, the only all male historically black institution of higher learning in the US, Jonathan went to Stanford, dropped out, starting becoming successful at Google and Shazam, opted out, and now is a full time musician.

Beneath the titles and right turns, JS shares what’s helped him make the unpopular yet fulfilling decisions, what he’s learned along the way that can help you in making the leap to live a more daring and fulfilling life.

Helluva guy.


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, August 22, 2017

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