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Kerwin Rae x Addiction x High Performing Entrepreneur x Working With Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) x Fantastic And Personal Conversation

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“Australia’s Tony Robbins,” as I affectionately refer to Kerwin Rae, our guest today, is from Sydney and his organization has helped thousands of entrepreneurs generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the past twenty years.

Kerwin and I had a great chat on the show. His super model girlfriends, sports cars and millions of dollars all led to momentary happiness in his 20s. He’s lost it all a couple of times, and each time, comes back with a stronger sense of detachment than before.

He talks about having a stroke in his early 30s, traveling to Peru for clarity only to find out his problems continued to follow him and how he sees life even clearer these days.

“Addiction was one of the most important parts of my journey early on because it taught me the power of resourcefullness,” Kerwin told me.

A must listen for wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators or spiritual folks at any level. A real treat. Thanks Kerwin, and enjoy. Jake

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