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Laura Robinson Is The Creator Of The Board Game Balderdash And The TV Show “Celebrity Name Game”

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Laura Robinson is the creator of the board game BALDERDASH. Twenty nine years ago with her then boyfriend Paul, the two saw the success of Trivial Pursuit and thought: “Hey, we can do that!”

She’s been an actress for years, having guest starred in Frasier and Cheers, but she’s most enjoyed a life and career of playing games. She’s the creator of “Celebrity Name Game” along with partners Courtney Cox and David Arquette, and she dishes on how she pitched and sold the show almost a half dozen times before it got on air.
I found my interview with Laura refreshing. We talked about maintaing joy amidst rejection (after rejection!), had quite a few laughs and insights, too. For any actors, creators, inventors or those obsessed with the business of TV or board games, this interview is for you. Enjoy.
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