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Love Addicts And Soul Mates. Supermodel Amber Smith (Addict) And Super-mom Kristen Rae (Soul Mate Expert)

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Love Addicts & Soul Mates: Amber Smith is a supermodel and actress. She’s graced the covers of 300+ magazines and starred in films and TV shows over her famed 25 year career.

At 19, she developed a pill addiction which bled its way into alcohol and other drugs. As she got help for that from Dr. Drew Pinksy, she discovered the root of her addictions was Love Addiction. She got herself into Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (a 12 step program) and has been in recovery for 4 years.

Kristen Rae was the founder of one of the largest healing institutes in the United Kingdom (Theta Healing UK). She’s since moved to Australia, where she runs Theta Healings Australia, and she’s the author of “50 Beliefs About Soul Mates and Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life.” She’s teaching courses this Fall in Sydney on Soul Mates and Relationships.

So much of us have an addiction to love and sex and we don’t even know about it. This episode certainly uncovers some of what may be inside us all.

Enjoy. – Jake

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