Kimia Kline

Meet Kimia Kline — A Persian Artist Based In Brooklyn — Making Art About An Unlikely Source

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Brooklyn-based artist Kimia Kline is an incredibly successful painter. Her work is inspired by the execution of her grandfather in Iran for his religious beliefs. She and her family are on a secret list and if they return to Iran, they face capture and death themselves.

So, Kimia makes art about what she imagines her homeland to be, since she’ll never be able to return.

Fresh off a fellowship in Detroit, Kimia’s work is presented around the world. She’s bucked the status quo (“that nipple is too pink” her art instructor once said. “I like it just like it is,” Kimia responded) and earns a handsome living from her work. Her documentary about her grandfather was screen in several International Film Festivals.

More than the art, the way Kimia lives her life, accepts challenges and opportunities with ease and grace is something we can learn from — as artists, especially.

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