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[Must listen] Kae Engel-Teta And Her Story Of Love With Sal

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Kae Engel-Teta is a car saleswoman outside Annapolis, MD. I originally interviewed Kae for the #SassevilleSunday show — a more spiritual look at the world. But, with Kae, after just one question, it was clear the interview was going to take a turn.

You have to listen to figure it out — but at its core, it’s a story of love between Kae and Sal. And, how it all went away. It’s the most raw, humorous, authentic interview ever done on the show. And the story is sweet.

Before meeting Sal, Kae was married to a US Diplomat and had four children. Still one of her best friends, her husband and her divorced. And Sal was a car salesman on the other side of town.

I can’t share any more with you without giving away the story. You simply have to listen. It’ll leave you laughing, thinking, appreciating life and crying all at once.

Thanks Kae Engel-Teta.

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, August 22, 2017

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