Announcing The Launch of

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Announcing The Launch of

Announcing – a news + entertainment hub launched thanks to the raw human emotion of guests and spontaneity of THE JAKE SHOW.

PROFOUNDLY looks at the human impact of news in areas of culture, biz, spirituality, tech & relationships.

Proud of the entire launch team including Max, Brenton, Mick, Vivienne, Gregory, Mtali, Jayme, Dieter, Summer, George, Topher, James and Mark.

Mick the Producer and I also talk about organizational structures and Dave Logan’s “Tribal Leadership” book and the five stages of tribal leadership, the process of creating Profoundly Human, the voices in our heads that inspire us and hold us back and more. Proud, very proud. Inviting you all to check it out.

Cheers, Jake

The Jake Sasseville Show is co-executive produced by Vivienne Kelly and Gregory Stutzer. Produced by Michael Howard Nathanson. Associate producers Kodi Seaton, Brenton Gieser, Max Mogensen. (c) 2015 PROFOUNDLY HUMAN All Rights Reserved.

• March 27, 2016

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