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Slightly Famous was written in 2012 by Jake Sasseville.

Jake Sasseville may be the most famous guy you’ve never heard of. Slightly Famous charts Jake’s improbable rise to (slight) fame. At 21, he broke into Hollywood as the youngest host ever on late night broadcast TV when his show The Edgelaunched after Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC.
Months later, it crashed, burned and Jake lost it all.
Experience success from the inside of failure, as Jake shares his ridiculous tactics to win million-dollar deals, find out whyChelsea Handler hates his guts, why he wears pajamas to
business meetings and how he turned his business (and his life) around after becoming a “has been” at age 22. In this deliciously absurd collection that is as hilarious as it is raw, Jake brings you inside the life of a Hollywood outsider. When he launches high profile PR stunts, he enlists his famous friends like Rainn Wilson (The Office) to help. When his business nearly goes bankrupt, a chance meeting with a billionaire in London leads to $100,000 and a flight to a private island compound.

• November 18, 2015

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