Equality and #LoveWins. Why Now, How and What’s Important about Same Sex Marriage

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Equality and #LoveWins. Why Now, How and What's Important about Same Sex Marriage

Equality and #LoveWins.

An episode about about why now, and how it happened so quickly, a look back, why it took so long, what roll popular culture played and the spiritual shift that had to happen for same-sex marriage to be legalized in all fifty states.

Thanks to Topher Keene, CC Hutten, Matt Baume, George Lizos, Joseph Matthew Garrett for being apart of it.

An incredibly important episode. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

The Jake Sasseville Show is co-executive produced by Vivienne Kelly and Gregory Stutzer. Produced by CC Hutten. Associate producer Kodi Seaton. (C) PROFOUNDLY HUMAN 2015 All Rights Reserved

• March 28, 2016

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