Frederick Dodson Is founder Of And The Author Two Dozen Books On The Many World Theory, Metaphysics, Atlantis And More

Frederick Dodson

The Panel: James falls in love with a stripper, Kodi has New Years daze brunch and Jake watches Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin drop the ball. Jake’s childhood best friend Max joins the panel.

The Guest: Frederick Dodson is the founder of, the author of two dozen books that have been translated in a dozen languages, most notable of which was “Parallel Universes of Infinite Self,” “Prosperity Consciousness” and “Levels of Energy.” The material, much like its author, is out of this world.
Fred ran language schools in the 90s, dabbled with music and various altered states before that, has coached athletes, music stars and influencers to huge success, talks about education reform from a spiritual point of view and now lives around the world with his wife and child.
Worth the listen.
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• October 31, 2017

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