Grammy-nom’d Jogyo discusses the hammer attack that left him blind, finding peace & forgiveness

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Jogyo is a Grammy-nominated musician from Kingston, Jamaica but who spent his teens and 20s in New York City.

His style borders art-rock and hip hop with an artisan showmanship akin to Lady Gaga.

One year ago at the time of this interview (July 2014) Jogyo was walking home from his friends Brooklyn apartment on a bright Sunday afternoon when he was gruesomely and savagely attacked by a deranged man with a hammer.

The attack, which Jogyo shares details of in a loving, almost peaceful way, left him blind. In this poignant exchange, Jake and Jogyo discuss the art of forgiveness, and how Jogyo wanted to find it in himself to forgive his assailant even as he was being attacked so that if he did die, that he would have died at peace.

A lesson of tremendous compassion for us all. While he’s been left blind, Jogyo sees much clearer than most of us.

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• March 27, 2016

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