Lu Ann Cahn, NBC Investigative Reporter, on Adult Playfulness and Game Theory

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NBC Investigative Reporter Lu Ann Cahn was hired by the peacock network in 1987. She had already been in television news for almost a decade.

In this heartfelt interview with Jake, they discuss how they first met at NBC, why Lu Ann felt she had to start her life over by doing something new each day for 365 days (it’s an activity that landed her a book deal, the book is called “I Dare Me”) and how it reminded Lu Ann to be childlike and playful as an adult.

She talks about what many of us face: she was on a hampster wheel at work and while her gig at NBC is sexy and paying the bills, it wasn’t fulfilling. Adults rely on experience rather than discovery.

Jake and Lu Ann talk about surrendering as a way to start over. A touching exchange between a woman who was one of the pioneers of television journalism and a guy who was barely out of diapers when she first started.

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• March 27, 2016

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