Marcie Monday: Brenton Geiser from gets Live-Coached on Limiting Beliefs

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A one-on-one interview with one of the most influential business, life and love coaches in the world today – Marcie Prohofsky. Marcie discusses sales, influence, her background and why most people have a hard time selling.

The second part is a live-coaching of startup entrepreneur Brenton Gieser (former VP, current CEO of Connect Group Enterprises). Brenton, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, wants to transform the business sector into a values driven entity, but has several blocks holding him back.

Marcie boldly explores these blocks and his new business, Connect Group Enterprises. CGE’s flagship product, Vessl, is a portable smartphone charging devices offered in restaurants, hotels and coffee shops. Have a listen and tell us what you think.

Marcie Mondays: For the first Monday of each month, Marcie tackles a new set of issues that are challenging our guest that month, but universally experienced by all startup entrepreneurs.

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• March 27, 2016

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