Rosie Von Lila is Cultural Relations Maven for Burning Man

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Rosie Von Lila is Cultural Relations Maven for Burning Man

Rosie von Lila is a communications specialist who works with CEOs to catalyze them into storytellers. She is Cultural Relations Maven for Burning Man, helping them grow the culture worldwide (which may one of the most interesting jobs I’ve ever heard of).

I was perturbed by an email from Rosie to Mick the Producer, so I talked about with Mick, and then addressed it with Rosie in the show. What I discovered was an incredibly open and loving human being who has been transformed by the events at Burning Man. Worth checking out for sure.

Rosie added “Von” to her name at the suggestion of her friend Tom. Tom and Rosie were riding bikes gleefully through the streets of Amsterdam. They were on their way to a surprise birthday party in Croatia. This seems to be how Rosie’s life works out — easily and effortlessly.

She talks online dating, 42 point data plans based on Amy Web’s TED TALK, “Dating… a Love Story” and Rosie reveals what she feels like she’s hiding in life.

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• March 27, 2016

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