Stormy Simon, Pres. of, on not being a stripper, a murder case & school of hard knocks

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Stormy Simon is the 46-year-old President of, one of the only female presidents of any Fortune 500 company in the United States.

In this revealing and often humorous conversation with Jake, not only does Stormy discuss what she’s never discussed before: rumors she was an exotic dancer and a murder trial that changed her life, but she is a shining example of a powerful woman in business and she shares the non-traditional approach she took to get to the top.

Her “school of hard knocks” education is colored by two teenage pregnancies, dropping out of college to be a single mom, producing and DJing for the top-rated country station in Salt Lake City and doing the best she could with what she had. Jake and Stormy discuss how they met.

Stormy was the first advertiser to buy over $100,000 in ads on Jake’s first show on ABC changing the course of his life forever. They recall stories of doing a TV show together at NBC, only to sneak out of their greenroom and break into the Jerry Springer studio next door (and getting caught by NBC security).

There is a long and beautiful history between the two of them. In all, Stormy shares pearls of wisdom from the front lines of business as a woman who beat odds, doesn’t take NO for an answer, is as fierce as she is loyal and who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

“The best teams don’t always win,” Stormy says. “Every player has a story, and many of my people realize I know and try to understand theirs.”

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• March 27, 2016

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