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Nathan Otto x Co-Founder Holometrics x Play And Pleasure x Shame Behind Inheritance

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Nathan Otto and I talked about the trickiness of inheriting lots of money. Interesitng how shame often comes up around whether or not we work for something we receive, and how we deal with success (and failure).

Nathan co-founded Holometrics with Bryan Franklin, a company that measures an organization’s alignment. We take a deep dive into corporate and organizational structure, leadership and how to engage with teams. Sounds dense, but of course, we made it light and Nathan makes it fascinating.

Tangentially, we talk about what makes a best friend, including play and pleasure, how Nathan deals with freedom challenges in his marriage and shame around money and receiving it.

Nathan’s wonderful and I learned a lot. You will too.

“We are all already unified. We are the ones that cause separation. What’s happening is our pretense of being separate tribes no longer works because all of our borders touch each other.”

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, , August 22, 2017

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