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Renee Warren On Successful Parenting While Being An Entrepreneur While Kicking Ass

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Renee Warren is not only the founder and CEO of, a PR firm focused on getting funded early stage tech startups the buzz they deserve, not only half of a successful marriage and co-parent with Silicon Valley investor + entrepreneur Dan Martell [she has tips for co-parenting like running a business that will blow your mind!], but she’s also a hard-working, kind human being who’s as smart as she seems to be gee-whiz funny.

 She started her first business [a restaurant!] at age 17, lived in San Francisco and recently went through a difficult breakup with her business partner at Onboardly. How she got through it and how she designed her company and life is something we can all learn from. She talks openly about it and there are probably a few dozen lessons in her story for us all.

 Thanks Renee.

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