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Roy Goble, Wealthy Silicon Valley Real Estate Investor, On His Faith, Wealth and Junkyard Wisdom

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Roy Goble grew up in a junkyard. His parents came from Oklahama during the dustbowl over to Silicon Valley. His dad bought a junkyard. It just so happened those junkyards were located where Silicon Valley and the tech industry now are. Roy is the CEO of Goble Properties.

Roy is philanthropic (PathLight and Jaguar Creek in Belize, Central America) and now an author of “JUNKYARD WISDOM: Resisting the Whisper of Wealth in a World of Broken Parts.” In his father’s junkyard as a kid, Roy took apart everything to evaluate it for the value of its parts. Later, as he met success in real estate, Roy experienced complexity of creating wealth while still being a man of Faith. The book and interview both details these challenges and the wisdom in between.

Fun interview, wealth of knowledge. Check out the book here:

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