Unexpectedly Kind To You

#SassevilleSundays: Tell Me A Story Of The Last Time Someone Did Something Unexpectedly Kind To You?

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#SassevilleSundays: When is the last time that someone did something unexpectedly kind toward you?

This is is a weekly Sunday show as part of “The Jake Sasseville Show” that asks people questions about the journey of discovering themselves, God and their place in the universe.

Today on the panel,

> Dr. Arun Gandhi, 81 year old grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and peace farmer,

> Marcie Prohofsky, expert business and food coach

> Sabin Lomac, co-founder Cousins Maine Lobster and most successful investment in ABC Shark Tank history

> Gabrielle Charles Tyler, Editor at Scholastic in NYC.

> Jessica Butts, Licensed therapist and author, Meyers Briggs expert

… all tell me a story about the last time someone did something unexpectedly kind towards you.

#SassevilleSundays is produced by Profoundly Human [(c) 2016 All Rights Reserved] and post-produced by Mottram Media Group in Perth, Aus.



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