Shabnam Mogharabi

Shabnam Mogharabi x CEO Soul Pancake x 1 Billion Views x Business Of YouTube x Arranged Marriages

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Shabs Mogharabi is the CEO of She talks about YouTube as a business, insider trends and insights, the wisdom of arranged marriages, her business partnership with “The Office” star Rainn Wilson and creating a media company filled with joy and laughter.
Soul Pancake was founded in 2009 and the YouTube channel launched in 2012. Three years and nearly a billion video views later, Shabs and the team produce hit series and plenty of feel-good and heart-felt material. We take a deep dive to understand what makes the company and its people tick.
Loved our matter-of-fact and genuine conversation.
For fans of Soul Pancake, content creators, brand marketers, producers and anyone in new media, you’ll find Shabs insightful and inspiring!
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