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Stuart Knight x The Powerful Group x Powerful Conversations x God (Or Not)

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Stuart Knight is said to be “one of the best conversationalists” ever. Kevin Bracken (boy genius founder of Pillow Fight Day, Newmindspace and the newly acquired GymSurfing) told me I had to have Stuart on The Jake Show because it’s almost as if he has “conversation down to a science.”

With a pitch like that, I was curious.
Stuart and I got on real well. He’s an internationally reknowned (and talented / funny) speaker. We deep-dive into our childhoods, Russian brides (minus the married part), his new company “The Powerful Group” and the impact and art of powerful conversations. We both grew up on Tony Robbins, talk about theism and atheism being opposite sides of the same coin, what it takes to be powerful in our relationships with others and plenty of humour along the way.
Stuart tells me why he feels vulnerable around having a child, why he’ll never get married and of course some friendly flirting. One of my favorite shows to date because of how real it got. Loving it.
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, , August 22, 2017

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