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The News From Maui Episode 101

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Before becoming the most famous substitute teacher in the country this week, Kondwani Fidel thought he’d be a lawyer. That’s because his grandma said he liked to argue.

Kondwani is 22 and earlier this week a student in one of his classes released a video of him spitting a poem he wrote about his childhood growing up in inner city Baltimore. His parents were crack addicts, his dad’s in jail, his friends have been killed and his 75-year-old grandma believed in him so much she found a way to put him in private school.

This year, Kondwani graduated with a degree in English and returned to Baltimore to give back.

The poem connected with the kids in the classroom, and has been shared 3+ million times all over the Internet. We asked Kondwani to do an interview — but what we found was more than a man who’s poem went viral — Kondwani is an artist who’s life experience has set him on a path of contributing massively to the world.

At a time when the #BlackLivesMatter movement is filled with unrest and antagonism, hear from a guy who truthfully tells his story about what life is really like for millions of black lives and that all of them do matter. And why we should care.

Very proud of this show — Enjoy, and thanks Kondwani. – Jake

Buy his book of poetry –> www.KondwaniFidel.com

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, August 22, 2017

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