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Trump Won: So We Talk About Life With A Children’s Book Author, Economist & Philosopher And A Guru

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OK, so Trump won. So to re-direct my energy, I pulled 3 of the best 10 minute stories I could to help re-direct all of us to what’s really important.

Gabe Marihugh is one of the best gurus I’ve met on Maui who has the ability to synthesize culture and what’s going on on our inside.

Leah Komaiko is the children’s book author of 25 best-sellers and had a profound transcendent spiritual experience that she was wanting to share publicly, but never could. After 22 years, she shares it.

And Douglas Rushkoff, the best-selling author of THROWING ROCKS AT THE GOOGLE BUS, came on to promote his book, but instead found himself talking about media, philosophy, our role in creating smaller and closer nit communities.

Seemed like the perfect set of stories for the mood and what the world needs right now.

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