Twin Brothers Christopher And Bobby Bailey

Twin Brothers Christopher And Bobby Bailey And Their Mission To Change The Face Of Addiction And Recovery

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Recovering addict Christopher Bailey hadn’t seen his twin bro and social activist Bobby Bailey in years.

After a severe head injury and deadly addiction to meth, opiates and alcohol, Christopher Bailey was homeless in a park outside San Diego.

Bobby Bailey, co-founder of Invisible Children and Global Citizens Project, found his twin brother in the park quite by accident.

Once and for all, Bobby committed to hold space and see his twin through detox and recovery. They rode out detox for 8 days in a Motel 6, and what happens next is nothing short of miraculous.

Their first full interview together since Chris Bailey finished his 7-month journey walking across the United States, promoting his new project — Hold Space — and together, how they plan to change the game for addicts and those affected by them.

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