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Women Who Rock: An Improviser [Chicago], An Artist [Warhol’s BFF] And Businesswoman [Fast Company]

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Three women who rock in the worlds of comedy, art & business.

Comically speaking, Tara DeFrancisco is top of her game. With her partner in life (and improv) Rance, they’ve done a combined 5,000 improv shows worldwide [Tara herself has done 3,000]. Philosophy of life and getting better at your craft is discussed in this heartwarming story.

Andy Warhol, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, foretelling much of our consumer society today, had a BFF. Her name was Susan Blond, who would go on to become a legendary PR maestro to Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Ozzy Ozbourne and others. Susan is approaching 70 now, but just as insightful and beautiful as ever. Her stories of Michael Jackson and Andy will make your jaw drop.

Kim Last, at age 30, has worked up through the ruthless world of media to Senior Editor of Fast Company Magazine in NYC. How does a once Catholic School Girl in Queens work her way up in a cutthroat industry by being nice, kind, generous and thoughtful? It happens, and it works.

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