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Zoe Nightingale Is Part Entrepreneur, Part Mouthy (And Successful!) Podcaster And Part Humanitarian

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Zoe Nightingale’s ‘sexy’ and ‘sassy’ brings grown men to their knees. It gives life to women who want to release their own childhood shame. Her comedy is recklessly acute, her intelligence is nearly lethal – and in recent weeks her podcast (which she’s been at for two years) is blowing up.

Behind the brash tough girl Jew and mouthy DC-native, though, there is a humanitarian at heart that you ought to care about — because she’s emerging as a voice in our generation. She cares deeply about people and cares deeply that you care about them, too.

This show is all about Zoe — the good, challenging and ugly. She is an almost perfect mirror to how you feel about yourself, so get ready.



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, , August 22, 2017

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